Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld

Samuel L. Blumenfeld has spent the last 30 years writing about American education and seeking answers to such baffling questions as: Why is America experiencing a decline in literacy? Why are so many American children afflicted with learning disabilities? Why are the schools pushing sex ed, drug ed, and Ritalin, but are dead-set against intensive phonics and rote memorization of arithmetic facts?

His six previous books on education answer these and many more questions puzzling the public. His best-selling expose of the national Educational Association, N.E.A. Trojan Horse in American Education, has virtually become a classic in critical educational literature. Peter Brimelow, in Fortune magazine, called Is Public Education Necessary? brilliant revisionist history, and How to Tutor and Alpha-Phonics are being used by thousands of parents and homeschoolers to teach their children the 3R's in the traditional manner.

Born, and educated in New York City, Dr. Bumenfeld graduated from The City College of New York in 1950 and worked for ten years in the book publishing industry. His articles have appeared in many publications, and he has lectured and held seminars in all fifty states and Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand. He has also tutored and taught in private schools and as a substitute in public schools. He is, no doubt, one of the world's leading authorities on the teaching of reading. In 1986 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Bob Jones University.

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Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld's Books

Dr. Blumenfeld has authored the following books:


Dr. Blumenfeld warns: "Most parents wait until their child is having difficulty at school before they think of providing some remedial or tutorial instruction. Sometimes the child is already so far behind, so confused, so frustrated by the experience of not learning in the first two grades, that the remedial program must be a long and difficult one. However, proper tutoring at the preschool level or in the first and second grades, as a preventive measure, can make sure that the child has the foundation on which he can build his school achievement."
In How To Tutor Blumenfeld provides parents and teachers with a complete instructional program: step-by-step lesson plans in the three R's.
READING: The biggest problem today. The instruction program in these pages restores order and common sense, show how to avoid the confusion prevailing in our schools. 117 Lessons.
WRITING: The skill most neglected in our schools today. 73 Lessons.
ARITHMETIC: "In teaching the child arithmetic, it is important to convey to him the genius of the system itself. Next to the alphabet, it is the greatest mental tool ever devised by man. Therefore we should approach the subject with the excitement and interest it deserves. Any teacher who makes arithmetic dull does so because he or she does not understand its beautiful simplicity, its logic, and its facility which permits use to do so much with so little." 67 Lessons.
Anyone can use these lesson plans: student tutors, parents, retired teachers, housewives who would like to earn extra money by tutoring at home. The plans work well even in tutoring adult illiterates. Dr. Blumenfeld gives helpful advice on how to qualify as a tutor, and useful pointers on an art that any intelligent person can master.
Price: $29.95 + $5.00 P&H

How To Tutor Math Workbooks -

  • 1) Addition & Subtraction Workbook.... $24.95 + $5.00 pstg.
  • 2) Multiplication, Division and Fractions Workbook.... $24.95 + $5.00 pstg.
  • If you have used Dr. Blumenfeld's How To Tutor book you will be delighted with the new workbooks. If you have never used How To Tutor book there is good reason to start. The workbooks make it easier than ever to use.
    All of the arithmetic exercises in the book are available in workbook form. You no longer have to write out the exercises by hand. There are 3 pages for each exercise. One page to explain to the student, the second page to work with the student, prompting with answers, and the third page for the student to work alone.
    Now there is no reason to delay teaching your child, or anyone else, reading, cursive handwriting and arithmetic with How To Tutor.

    Price: This book is out of print

    This book tells, for the first time, the story of how and why Americans gave up educational freedom so early in their history for the imagined benefits of state-controlled education.
    Samuel Blumenfeld, who has earned recognition in the field of education breaks new ground in this important work. Is Public Education Necessary? tells the full, fascinating story of how government-controlled education emerged in the face of generally accepted and adequate facilities for private schooling. The author delves into a wealth of original sources to reveal how a comparative handful of secularists, who were more concerned with destroying religion than with freeing man, spearheaded the drive toward public education. Centered in Harvard, this nineteenth-century liberal elite worked tirelessly - and successfully - to put America on the road to educational statism.
    By exploring the very roots of the system, Is Public Education Necessary? provides the missing link in our educational history, and is essential reading for anyone who is dissatisfied with the status quo, or committed to the restoration of intellectual freedom and moral sanity in America today.
    Price: This book is out of print (NOTE: much of the information in this book can be found in past Blumenfeld Education Newsletters)

    Alpha-Phonics compared to How To Tutor:

    The reading portion of HTT and Alpha are virtually identical as to content (Do not be concerned that the number of lessons is different; HTT actually has 9 more phonics lessons because some lessons are broken down into part "a," part "b," part "c," etc.).

    The MAIN difference between the reading portions
    of the two books is in format.

    • Using HTT requires the teacher to copy material out of the book for the student.
    • Alpha allows the child to read his lessons directly from the book.



    HTT is a 5 X 8 size page. The instructions for parent and material for the student are interspersed and in standard size type.
    Alpha is a large size page, 8 1/2 X 11. The instructions for parent are separated and in the back half of the book in standard size book type.
    The material for the student is separated, in the front half of the book, and are in extra large size type.
    There are some other slight differences between the reading portion of HTT and Alpha, but they are not significant.
    Some people who want the most convenient way of teaching phonics reading, and be able to teach arithmetic and cursive handwriting, buy both books.

    This book is presently out of print. It has been replaced and updated with the book THE WHOLE LANGUAGE / OBE FRAUD. (NOTE: much of the information in this book can be found in past Blumenfeld Education Newsletters) See below.

    In 1967, the National Education Association declared war on the American people. Its executive secretary proclaimed: "NEA will become a political power second to no other special interest group... NEA will organize this profession from top to bottom into logical operational units that can move swiftly and effectively and with power unmatched by any other organized group in the nation."
    Today, that prediction is a reality. The 1.7 million-member NEA is the most politically powerful - and dangerous - organization in the United States with plans not only to control the federal government but also every state legislature in America. Under the guise of "improving education" the teachers are on the march toward total political power with the aim of converting America into a socialist society.
    Shocking? Incredible? You won't think so after reading this well-documented book. Samuel Blumenfeld, veteran researcher, has trained his expert skills on the NEA and pieced together a story of intellectual deceit and moral subversion that is bound to cause shock waves across America. And because one cannot understand the NEA without understanding the fuller context in which it has grown, Blumenfeld provides a historical background that permits the reader to know why our educators have deliberately transformed America into "a nation at risk."
    If you read but one book on education in your lifetime, this is the one to read, for you must know what the NEA has in store for America if this nation is to survive in freedom.
    Price: As of Dec. 2004 this book is Out Of Print

    NEA - Trojan Horse in American Education on CD-Rom - Only $17.95

    Or the ebook version for immediate download - Only $12.95

    NOTE: much of the information in this book can be found in past Blumenfeld Education Newsletters)

    THE WHOLE LANGUAGE / OBE FRAUD Price: This book is out of print (NOTE: much of the information in this book can be
    found in past Blumenfeld Education Newsletters)

      The following is the text printed on the jacket of Dr. Blumenfeld's newest book. For endorsements and ordering information see below.

    In September 1993, Americans were stunned to learn that half the adult population - some 90 million Americans - have such poor literacy skills that they can scarcely cope with the demands of our high-tech economy. That was the finding of the U.S. Department of Education's $14-million survey of adult literacy in the U.S. The question is: How could so many Americans - who had spent more time in school than any previous generation, on whom more money had been spent than in any previous generation - emerge from their education so poorly equipped in basic literacy skills?
    Blumenfeld answers that question in his no-holds-barred examination of the decline of literacy in America and the deliberate dumbing down of its people. He puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of the educational leaders who decided early in this century to change the purpose of education from its traditional academic function to a radical social one. It was John Dewey and his colleagues who decided that high literacy was an obstacle to their progressive agenda and that, therefore, the teaching of reading had to be changed to produce a more socially desirable result. The results for the nation have been disastrous.
    Whole Language is the latest manifestation of that progressive plan. It has not only replaced intensive phonics in the classroom but also the old Dick-and Jane Look-say reading programs. It adds a whole new dimension to the reading process: subjectivism and deconstructionism. In addition, it has become an integral part of Outcome-Based Education. Thus, it is a far more lethal form of pedagogy than anything that has proceeded it.
    Blumenfeld writes:
    Whole Language educators are perpetrating a fraud. They are telling parents that whole language is a new and better way of teaching children to read when, in reality, it is nothing of the sort. For all intents and purposes, whole language is a way of preventing children from becoming fluent, accurate phonetic readers. It is a new way of creating reading disability, academic confusion and learning frustration, a new way of crippling a child's linguistic development."
    And Blumenfeld proves everything he says with thorough, eye-opening documentation. He says: "There is no instance in history that I know of where a nation's education system functioned perversely as a brain-deforming instrument used to dumb-down an entire people.. Only the genius of American behavioral psychology could produce such a diabolical phenomenon."
    This is a book that parents, concerned with the education of their children, must read if they are to avoid putting their children at risk in an education system that has completely lost its moral and academic bearings.
    Blumenfeld writes:
    "The sad truth is that public education has destroyed the American dream for countless numbers of young people by preventing them from acquiring those academic skills needed to achieve success."
    Once you read this book, you'll never be fooled by the educators again.

    Table of Contents

    1. A Bit of Important History
    2. Whole Language. Linguistics and the Wittgenstein Connection
    3. What is Whole Language
    4. The Alphabetic Method
    5. The Origin of Look-Say
    6. The Role of John Dewey
    7. Who Was Huey?
    8. Did They Know It Didn't Work?
    9. The Making of Whole-Language Ideology
    10.Psychology's Best Kept Secrets
    11.The Political Agenda in Whole Language
    12.The Hypocrisy of Whole Language
    13.Miscue Analysis: Training Normal Children to Read Like Defective Children
    14.Whole Language: Deconstruction in the Primary School
    15.Debunking Whole-Language Myths About New Zealand and Australia
    16.The Great American Literacy Disaster
    17.Functional Illiteracy and Delinquency: The Violent Consequences of Educational Malpractice
    18.The Whole Language catalog" or the Fetish of the Whole
    19.Dr. Seuss, Edward Miller and Artificially Induced Dyslexia
    20.Outcome-Based Education or How to Turn a Dinosaur into an Octopus
    21.OBE and Mastery Learning or Educational Revolution by Stealth
    22.Benjamin Bloom: OBE's Godfather. His Writings Tell All
    23.Kentucky's OBE Experiment: Conflict, Confusion, and Lower Test Scores
    24.Goals 2000 Federalizes Public Education
    25.OBE and Big Brother
    26.Who Controls American Education?


    The self-destruct behavior of American educators during the lifetime of average Americans today is one of the most demonic phenomena of recent history. Like the standards of morality, discipline, homework, and conduct, we have watched also the deliberate assault on phonics and its disastrous effect on reading. Blumenfeld pulls no punches in this scathing exposure of outcome-based "education."

    Dr. D. J. Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries, Ft. Lauderdale

    American continues to find more maps and completely ignore the territory. Another map for our children is hardly a need. We need to admit that whole language is simply another "map" that will only further decimate the lives of more children. "Whole" language is just another reason why our "whole" nation continues to be in a flux of academic decline.

    Marva N. Collins, Westside Preparatory School, Chicago

    Blumenfeld superbly documents the government education establishment's seemingly deliberate effort to corrupt and sabotage educational excellence in our country. Americans gad better heed his warnings and wise up to what is being done in the name of education, or the nation is going to reap more social decay as we rush headlong down the road to barbarism.

    Walter Williams, Chairman, George Mason University, Department of Economics

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